Founded in 2017 by

Karli Rose

Karli Rose has over 22 years in the spa/salon business. She is a certified Holistic Practitioner,  is a licensed massage therapist, Second degree Reiki certified, esthetician, and licensed cosmetologist. Making people, especially women, look and FEEL beautiful about themselves has always been her number one goal.


Having sensiitive skin, Karli became increasingly aware of the ingredients in her everyday skin and hair care products. Working in the salon environment was always a struggle due to all of the synthetic ingredients. It has been a long time dream of Karli's, to bring a high quality professional skin and hair care line to YOU that was truly natural with no synthetic ingredients.

Meet The Team!

Karli Rose

 Owner, creative director, wifey. Mixer, maker, and potion creator. Loves animals. Part time performer. Full time coffee drinker.


Owner, manufacturer, hubby. Soap maker, bar curer, fragrance mixer. Full time Chef. Part time hammock swayer.  Full time food lover.


Assistant, organizer, eye for detailer. The do it all and get it done with a smile & fun. Full time optimist . Part time Beach Lover


Associate lip balm label goddess. Part time make-up lover. Spirit of an adventurer. Full time fun maker.


Part time associate, master labeler. Part time video game player. Full time music lover. Heart of gold hands on creator and theater player.


Social media guru and influencer. Part time content creator. Full time actress & model. Full time lover of life.